kane stonestreet

kane stonestreet

kane stonestreet (b. 1992, Bury, UK) is a multidisciplinary artist. They are informed by their visual art background, having studied Sculpture and Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art (2012-2015).
Currently, they find performance the most urgent technology of communication and Live Art the most fitting context for their actions. 

As a collaborator and performer Stonestreet has worked with Joseph Morgan Schofield, Jazmine Krockback, Virginia Kennard, Eleanor Dalzell Jenyns and AgeofThe.

Stonestreet has been a member of the bands:  Pennycress, Damn Teeth, Joanna Gruesome and Cat Apostrophe.

They have performed across the UK and internationally in Germany, Denmark and the United States.

My work is an embodiment
of radical softness.
It is an attempt at finding new ways of being.
The modes I inhabit allow
for slippages into different paces; a slower, but playful meandering.

Performances take place
in ice time, but my mind
is in tectonic time.
Somewhere between the event and the exhibition:
In a temporal grey zone.

The work rejects the spectacular for the subtle.
I describe my works as ritual actions, queer esoteric traditions that fold into my life and unfurl in my practice.

I am interested in
ideas of queer intimacy
and siblinghood. Holding. Holding hands, holding space, holding up, holding to stop from falling.

The work is quiet.
In the slow progress there is an offering for you to be a witness, to join, to make connections, to be radically slow despite or because of the encroaching city time.