Collective Attention: Anarchic Action

Collective Attention: Anarchic Action is a project gathering of action-based performance artists. Emerging from a longing to be in-relation, CA:AA aims to connect artitsts from across the UK through postcard correspondance and a programme of workshops and performance sharings.

This assembly has been formed and held in arduous times. It is a chance to commune and confer. Through weekly co-learning sessions the artists have shared methodologies and strategies. It is an open environment where each artist has been able to both teach and learn. Together they see what can be found in the with, to and between.

The ensemble collective includes: Benjamin Ivy, Jess Heritage, Jasper Llewellyn, Monstera Deliciosa, selina bonelli and is activated by Eleanor Dalzell Jenyns and kane stonestreet.

It has been made possible by the generous offer of time and space provided by Ugly Duck.

June 2021

Provocation postcard