SITE is an invitation to create collaborative site responsive performance art in locations of socio-historic, architectural and ecological interest.

By sharing our practices and our desire to explore our surroundings through actions, gestures and intervention, we encourage others to join us: in taking up space, queering our environments, and by finding ways to work eco consciously and with empathy to the trauma the land holds.

SITE was initiated by Ash McNaughton, Helen Davison, selina bonelli and Alicia Radage in 2018.

PARTICIPANTS: Tristan Albrecht, selina bonelli, Andre Braga Verissimo, Helen Davison, Ernst Fischer, Dyana Gravina, Kajoli Ilojak, Rubiane Maia, Ash McNaughton, Es Morgan, Joseph Morgan Schofield, Thomas Reul, kane stonestreet, Manuel Vason

August 2020

12-08-20, Citadel Battery, Dover