kane stonestreet



The Sense 

Led by Daniel Oliver

“This DIY is about asking if and how we might write our unwritable performances down so someone else can perform them. We’ll arrive with existing performances made for our bodies, our subjectivity, etc… or full of last-minute decisions, improvisation and spontaneity- performances where it feels odd or contradictory or uneasy to script it and let someone else perform it. We will then devise ways of producing scores or scripts for these performances. We will collate these texts together for a lo-fi publication. We will discuss the effects, challenges, and ethics of capturing these performances in this way and making them available for other people to perform.”

September  2019

Improvisation (From No Tears For You)

An exercise in muscle memory. A piece I haven’t performed in almost 6 months. No track. No costume. An audience of 6, 5 with their backs to the ‘stage’ and 1 watching from the side, describing. Real time feedback. 

The Script or a score. An impetus for more
The Feeling 

The Texture 

The Response

The Score

The Tempo

The Sound