ties that bind or blood is thicker than milk

Through shared action kane stonestreet and Joseph Morgan Schofield seek to map new dimensions within their friendship, to discover complicated terrains inhabited by queer kinship. They are interested in notions of queer intimacy, memory, desire, trust and love beyond the binary of the erotic and platonic. They seek to gently trace the limits of their acceptance and consent, to rest their bodies against these contours and confines.

ties (that bind) or blood is thicker than milk is an act of radical softness and love. It is anticipated the performance might at anytime be beautiful, boring, shocking, or revelatory. It will be ambivalent, and there will be long periods of delicious or challenging anticipation.

The artists move together, towards each other, towards image and encounter in ways that may delight or provoke or disappoint. Some desires will be satisfied, others will go unfulfilled - so it goes.

August 2019

Image by Thomas Yeomans

Drawing on more than twelve years of friendship, ties (that bind) takes the form of an improvised performance ritual. Speculative terrains are scavenged into existence, upon which the boundary between self and other is made taut, and cut.

Other collaborations between Joseph Morgan Schofield and kane stonestreet include
l’ariete for Tempting Failure
at Matthews Yard, Croydon
- 13/07/2018

Image by Julia Bauer

Binding wrists
Cutting them free
Cutting off the blood
Letting it flow

Untitled for Novus at Wharf Chambers, Leeds - 22/12/2018

Image by kane stonestreet
A dance with ice and talc